Minecraft: Pocket Edition App Reviews

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Totally aced it but...

Can you please add cherry trees or humongous trees to minecraft just please oh and more types of dogs stained glass colorful leaves, hamsters the list goes on and on just add more stuff / to: mojang


MY WORLDS ARE GONE. I got the latest update and the game crashes whenever I run a world PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!


Hey can you PLEASE give us stained glass, armour stands, and PARRIOTS! Please!


I love the game, but it wont even go to the loading screen, and when it does it crashes! Plz fix it

coins and maps

i wish there was a way u could earn coins instead of having to buy them it would also be good if the maps were like the ones on console edition

Great but......

Every time I go into the nether and come back my ladders are broken so annoying and the end portal wont let me make it 3x3 with eyes of ender and does not work and In the next update can you add armor stands and the command /coordinates please. Other wise Mojang you are doing a really good job. Oh an like every thing Xbox live like you need an Xbox live account ugh I dont want one you need an Xbox live account to get achievements I dont have one nor do I want one like please let us get achievements without an Xbox live account

Dont want the new update

I know you guys want to change Minecraft for good but Me and My friends do not want this update like Im actually about to delete Minecraft and never play it again so YOU BETTER CHANGE THIS BEFORE YOU LOSE ALL OF YOUR FANS AND EVERYONE SO PLEASE CHANGE IT I DONT WANT THIS SO PLEASE HAVE MERCY AND CHANGE IT NOWWWW

When kids write a review ??

Alright, dont mind the title LMAOOO. So you should just add the stained glass already like wow you guys are taking a long time.. Please release the next update already Im losing patience...

Bug report

1. Minecraft will not load my worlds time to time and the I have to close Minecraft and reload over and over. Btw I think minecraft needs a " world share " in the shop separate form the mc maps and the world share let ALL players share there maps


MINECRAFT is the best game,but I think you should add some more animals like unicorn raccoons grizzly bears different breeds of cat different breeds of dogs squirrels and more

WHY wont it work

I absolutely love Minecraft pe but it will take me of when I change my world off of old because my mansion is a map I wish it would work -minecraft lover


I love this app but I have a few suggestion like more animals, u can add in mice, goats (goats are something i think would be cool) more colors for cats and dogs, books u can write in, stained glass and armour stands. thx! love the app!

Amazing but in the next update



it crashes every time i open it fix

Seriously cool and bad.

Ok I guess I love this game but I cant even play it because I always crash and its not fair. I dont even get 20 seconds without crashing. Could you please add lucky blocks and furniture if u could that would amazing.


Please add more stuff but mainly animals and plz add it faster!!! I have once again, more suggestions.? 1. More dogs 2. More wild animals like squirrels. (I got bit by a squirrel) 3. Tornadoes ( to make it challenging) 4. More realistic looking cows, pigs, and sheep 5. Pigs that can play in mud 6. Different genders for animals 7. Roosters, hens, nests, and chicks 8. Different breeds of animals and dogs/cats 9. Armor stands 10. Fairy lights 11. Adorable baby animals 12. Lots of new animals!!!!! (I love it when u put new animals in updates) 13. Book amd quill (im surprised u didnt add that yet!) 14. Parrots! And if you can, can u add a sun conure parrot? I have a sun conure named mango and hes really pretty and i will be really REALLY happy if you add it AND LOTS MORE STUFF SOOO i.got the new dinosaur world and its awesome but it keeps crashing me out. I really wanna spend some time on it but i only get 3 minutes. ???. PLEASE FIX IT Thx

Pretty good

In my opinion the other versions are better but this is good for on the go

Best game ever

Its the best game there is no other way to say it how ever I was wondering where is the armor stand! Or stained glass! And also furniture would also be cool

Awesome but.. (creator please read)

I love this game. Its awesome, cool, and worth buying! But there is one thing. You know Xbox live. Correct? Well it ruins the game! Me and my dad really want to play together but you need Xbox live! PLEEAASSEE delete Xbox live!

Amazing Game

This Is An Amazing Game But Maybe Add The Book and Quill and Maybe Sofas

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