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You so bad

So bad


My nem is jeff :>>



So bad

Do not buy????



So bad

Do not buy????


No. Just no

Y just y

Too, much, lag.

It stinks

Ok donkey

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


So bad

Do not buy????



Structures need work and needs more trees and mountains

Pls ad

More things and servers

Minecraft is really great but I see this youtube ldshadowlady she play minecraft in her minecraft she has fairy light wings fish bowls realistic things flower crowns and in her Crazy craft videos she has swords which are much cooler for example big swords and more spawn eggs and animals also in her troll craft she has chocobo which are birds you can tame and another thing I really wanna play mineplex and other servers but I need a Xbox account so please remove that and btw my name is AyeitzAsh.


So my skins won’t work, every time I try to get a custom skin all it does is make me pick the same skin, I tried everything and it still won’t work.

Why I can’t play Minecraft

They won’t let me so I cry harder and harder

Minecraft air???

The next update to minecraft should be air, there are phantoms and ghasts along with the enderdragon that can fly but what about a dimension in the air where u can find more animals such as tameable dragons and Pegasus, and maybe even special items that allow you to fly in survival or even new potions

Great game but awful glitch...

OMG what just happened was horrible. I rebooted my iPad and it deleted everyone on my friends list! I don’t know if I should report this to Xbox live but I don’t even have the app so I can’t write a review on it. But seriously, FIX. THIS. BUG!!!!!!!


I’m having a problem with skin switching

I love this app, I also have a suggestion for next update!

It’s amazing! But maybe in the next update can you add new items and furniture or maybe cars? Anyway, the app is amazing! Thank you for reading this! :) I love your apps Mojang!

What’s wrong with the costumes?

#1 I wore a costume but it didn’t work jugaste kept making me Steve please fix this.

Some things that would be cool

I love the game and I’m exited for the next update, but these are just some things I think would be cool to be added to the game. :) One of the things that I love about the game are the animals, so I always appreciate and love when new mobs or animals are added to the game, but some animals I would love to see in the game are animals like, whales, alligators, more types of dogs, some more types of birds, small rodents such as rats, mice, or hamsters, would be cool. I would also like it if you had to feed your pets for theme to survive. And if you could let your pets Wander around after you have tamed them. And that really all I would like to see. I know... mostly animals... ok all animals.

Thumbs down..

I bought Minecraft and it was amazing forever but now every time I try to get in the app it just closes me out and I cant play with my friends.


Why every time I open Minecraft, it crash. I did everything like power off my iPad and I wait for like a day but it still crashes. I can’t even redownload cus my world, my servers and all my data’s is going to loose. It happened to me twice now. Please fix

Fix it

It does not let me get on it


I love Minecraft but is not letting me change my skin when I want during a game I have to go and change the skin and it shows the same skin and then I have to get of and go back on


This game is great... but it really needs a "spawn red panda" And "bamboo" to tame the "red panda" and the "red panda" needs something to drink out of so why not a "pet water bowl" :)

Controllers glitch

Using onscreen movement arrows to control my character in 1st person view, my character frequently ends up facing directly down and turned around 180 degrees from where I was facing. It happens multiple times in a minute if I'm fighting or if I lift my finger off the screen and place it back down on an arrow button. It seems like sometimes the buttons don't register being touched, almost like my finger press goes through the controls to the environment beneath the movement arrows.

More mobs and house eggs

WE NEED MORE MOBS like slender man Granny etc and we need a house egg so that it’s easier and at more animals like zebra and panda etc if you add them I will play Minecraft for ever and ever I love it so much hope to see the updates


I LOVE IT!!!!!! I play all the time. However, I would like if you could add some spawn able dragons that you can ride. Like I said I love this game and my whole family loves it.

This will be amazing if you add it

Please add add shields to Minecraft PE I love this game

Game crashes nonstop

Worked fine until the last update.

Good it bad

The game is awesome but my iPad is taking control of Minecraft

I love this and have had Minecraft pe for years

I love Minecraft but with the previous update it wouldn’t let me change my skin what so ever and when I tried to get back in the next day it kept crashing on me so I deleted it then I re downloaded it and now when I try to change into a custom skin it keeps crashing on me


I love Minecraft. Minecraft is my life. The only issue is that my game is very glitchy. Every so often, I’ll be building my structures when my player would freeze in place. I hate when that happens. I have to pause my game and resume it just to make my player be able to move again. I’d enjoy if this could be fixed. Otherwise, I love Minecraft!

Plz read

From last update I can’t switch skins I have to restart Minecraft to switch skins

Ok now I’m just mad

Great game at least until it breaks and I can’t even go on the game and I’ll have to delete and redownload the game and I lose all my stuff. Again it’s still awesome but please fix this problem


I want MCPE back. It’s a better name for it. Why is it “Minecraft”? duh.

No questions asked

MINECRAFT... It’s making me really furious when I log in (get in the game) I see the aquatic background but it just crashes I’m pretty much supporting you guys.Im making a R.M.S. Titanic Ship and I built most of it but now I can’t play and make my worlds that I love. Please Notch and jeb_.

Pausing Music / Podcasts

How, how does the #1 paid app for years still have the lazy coding bug of pausing your audio when you launch the app... can’t afford an intern to fix this?


My game won’t open. I have Been working on things for years and all of a sudden it won’t let me open Minecraft. I dont want to delete it with all my worlds.

Minecraft Keeps shutting me out

Dear, mojang Minecraft won’t let me play on its platform I think there’s a massive problem I add cool skins to my game and it keeps shutting me out I tried restarting my phone but yet Minecraft is still shutting me out. From: XxANTHONY5406xX

Awesome but one thing

Villagers don’t plant more seeds after they collect wheat. This has been a major problem in the game please fix it.

I love it. I’m just haven’t problems

After the last update I haven’t been able to get back on as soon as it gets to the play screen it glitches and turns off. Plz fix this cause I want to play again. I haven’t played in 4 days and I finally got a realm and I don’t want to lose my worlds.

Every is good and all but

How the fuk you mess up the skins


Every time i open the closet, hanger icon thingy, it crashes. Every thing else is great 👍. And suggestion, add sharks and volcanoes in minecraft

Good but glitches and updates

I love this game so much and its really fun but the pocket edition does not have the updates the PC has and the glitch is that it will randomly move my screen into a random place but its small and im used to it but for real this is a really fun game.

I really like this game

But I honestly think that there isnt enough animals! Please add more animals like, stray cats, stray dogs, butterflies, ants, bees, spiders, and pararie dogs for pararie settings, meerkats, lions, boars, elephants, hyenas, and gazzeles for savannahs, maybe like some scorpions, spiders, and lizards for deserts, pandas maybe? For arctic places, seals, arctic foxes, and arctic owls would be nice. For forests, bees, butterflies, ants, foxes, bears, boars, deer, mice, and rats. Also for villages can the villagers have some type of fight againts zombies? And for jungles, tigers, bugs, sloths, beetles, ants, jagauars, leapards, toucans, and more! But im just saying minecraft needs more mobs. Alot. And maybe add seasons too?


I love this game, and I’ve been playing it for about 4 years now. But I’ve been having some issues lately. It don’t know if it’s just me, but Minecraft keeps crashing as soon as I open it. I hope you can figure out what happened, and hopefully fix the problem.

Fix bugs please

Please fix the head glitch and also we half to exit a server or a world to change skins then once we pick a skin we half to exit the whole game exit the page and every thing and then we are able to get back on and play in that skin please fix these bugs PLEASEEEEEE but other than that this game is amazing


So it’s awesome but I wish that more than the max 30- people could join because I want to join my friend but the world is at max players.Updates I would like: To be able to TAME a creeper with TNT!!! What I want in regular Minecraft not in moss anymore: skateboards, Rollerskates, and TALKING villagers. The real is perfect and Jeb, Why is your name in the zombie pig man skin? Can you please add diving boards and being able to dive?

I love it

Thank y’all!! I love playing with my friends!!😜

Ok here we go

Mojang I tried opening the app and if crashes before I even hit play (sometimes before I can even see the title screen) This never happened until today please fix.

It won’t work

I have been playing for awhile but now it won’t worrrrrk.


I’m am so bored because you still have not fixed my Minecraft.im becoming depressed please fix this bug.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Minecraft and what it needs

Minecraft is a 5 star game as far as I’m concerned but it’s not perfect it needs tameable dragons and dinosaurs and needs villagers that you can command and start your own village


The village and pillage update is coming out soon but it is already AMAZING! So I would recommend playing this game.

Make one thing better

Make a online update where you can join ur friends in worlds even if your not having the same wifi. Please do this! I love it but will love it even more with this update! Please get back to me. -Luke Dubinski

1 Issue

I love Minecraft but one day I logged on and it said “invalid or corrupt skin”. So I changed it and it said the same thing.i decided to pick Steve, then it let me play, but now every time I try to change my skin, it kicks me off. If you could fix that, I would appreciate it. :)

Love Minecraft

Omg this is the best game that I have ever played. I’ve been playing it since 2013. I remember the old Steve sounds when you die and the different color trees and meet. I really love this game and I hope millions more will play.

Add things

You should add mods eggs for phones and iPads and add all the sharks in the world egg mods and shrimp and Goliath groupers

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